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Item model: ASUS ROG Keris

ASUS ROG Keris Driver

The ASUS ROG Keris is a compact and lightweight gaming mouse with a smart shape that’s perfect for finger gripping. This mouse is equipped with a reliable, precise, and fast optical sensor and a powerful ROG switch with a lifetime of 70 million keystrokes. Dual functionality is also included with the mouse, which can be easily swapped out for the included Omron replacement if desired or needed. Thanks to the ASUS Paracord braid, the cable is extremely light and comfortable.

ASUS ROG Keris uses a PixArt PMW3389 optical sensor with a maximum resolution of 16,000 DPI. It is capable of tracking at a maximum speed of 400 inches per second with an acceleration of up to 50g. I’ve found this sensor in many different gaming mice and it never disappoints me. It’s a great companion to all the games we’ve played, especially the fast-paced first-person shooters. The ASUS ROG Keris also worked flawlessly, with the right position and no bumps, cracks, or other nasty surprises.

The buttons at the bottom of the mouse can be used to quickly change the DPI level. You can store 4 values. To fully customize your ASUS ROG Keris, use the traditional ASUS Armory Crate app. It allows you to reassign actions to each button, set four levels of resolution, polling rate, backlighting (including AURA sync support), adjust the surface height, and calibrate mouse performance according to your surface. use. There are presets for the ASUS Surface, as well as calibrations for others. ASUS ROG Keris Driver Software Download

ROG Keris Driver Compatibility provides download links for the ASUS ROG Keris gaming mouse driver directly from the ASUS ROG website with an easy download. To get the download link, you can get it below.

Operating System (OS) Compatibility:

    • Windows 11, Windows 10 32-bit, Windows 10 64-bit

ASUS Armoury Crate:>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows 11, Windows 10
Version: V3.1.4.0 File Size: 1,48 MB File Type: zip

ASUS Armoury Crate Uninstall Tool:>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows 11, Windows 10
Version: V2.1.4.0 File Size: 496.22 KB File Type: zip

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