Leica S3 Firmware Update

The Leica S3 ($19,995.00) is a medium-format DSLR with outdated specs, but a screen that never goes out of style. The S3 incorporates a new generation of Leica ProFormat sensors, now with a resolution of 64 megapixels. With dimensions of 30 x 45mm, it respects the aspect ratio of the classic 35mm format, while offering a 56% larger light-sensitive surface. This change not only has a positive impact on image quality but is also an important factor in achieving the typical medium format appearance of images captured with the Leica S3.

The Leica S3 sensor not only offers impressive resolution but also increases the dynamic range by more than 15 stops, providing an unrivaled tonal range between shadows and highlights. Thanks to the high sensitivity of the sensor up to ISO 50000, the Leica S3 is independent of studio lighting. Whether in the field, during a reporting project, or at a wedding, as long as available light is used, the Leica S3 reveals its power and highlights the benefits of a larger format. Additionally, the CMOS sensor enables video recording and Live View as an additional alternative to optical viewfinder imaging.

Featuring a Leica CMOS sensor and Maestro II series image processor, the Leica S3 has all the essential technology for shooting professional cinematic 4K video and Full HD video. The full width of the sensor is used at each resolution, which also provides the familiar special appearance of medium-format photos over the video footage. The high quality of recorded movies is maintained based on 4:2:2 color subsampling and files are saved in full MOV format with time code. Thanks to Motion JPEG compression of video files, the images already work independently. Therefore, this format is ideal for editing movies even before conversion. Leica S3 Firmware Update

Leica S3 Firmware Update

Leica S3 Driver Compatibility

recomdriv.com provides download links for the Leica S3 Medium Format DSLR camera driver directly from the Leica website with an easy download. To get the download link, you can get it below.

Firmware Update:>>Download Firmware<<
Version: File Size: 111 MB File Type: FW

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